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Sabaek Factory
Your Trusted Partner in Steel Fabrication.

Sabaek Factory specializes in high-quality steel fabrication, delivering precision-engineered solutions for a diverse range of industries.

Our Philosophy

Solutions for an evolving industry: We're flexible and dynamic, meeting all needs with innovative solutions

Our Mission

Through state-of-the-art technologies and innovative processes, we develop cutting-edge drive solutions for industrial applications.


Experience Quality Steel Fabrication at Sabaek Factory - Let's Build Together!

Who we are

Leaders in Precision Steel Fabrication.

We are an UNITED ARAB EMIRATES company was established in 2007 of metal manufacturing for the production of most items require of building and construction projects.

Our customers and partners value our products and services for two reasons : excellence and reliability

Leading the Steel Industry: Sabaek's Key Figures.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we transform raw steel into durable, reliable structures and components. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure every project meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Our values

Rooted in Core Values: The Foundation of Sabaek's Success.

At Sabaek, we have always understood that one of the roots of our success is represented by a distinctive and shared company culture based on our core values:


We seek opportunities to improve, continue to learn, and adapt to changes. Our purpose is to move forward as a company, winning over new markets with quality products


We portray honesty and transparency through our interactions by encouraging clear and effective decision-making processes


We are committed to act with dignity and respect. Wherever our story takes us, our choices and our actions are always guided by diversity, integrity and honesty in all areas.

Creative Energy

We play a leading role in a continually evolving sector, creating personalized solutions for our customers. Our creativity is fueled by our curiosity, and our positive and enthusiastic spirit, allowing us to develop new competitive advantages.


We act as the first ambassadors of our company, promoting our brand and preserving our reputation by creating top-quality solutions that are reliable, customized and technologically advanced.


We grow our business sustainably while simultaneously minimizing negative impact to environment, community, or society as a whole.


We foster a spirit of initiative, ownership and commitment at all levels in being receptive, curious, creative, passionate and tolerant to risks

Customer Satisfaction: Building Trust Through Quality Steel Fabrication Solutions.

At Sabaek Factory, we prioritize customer satisfaction through tailored, high-quality steel fabrication solutions. Our focus on precision and reliability ensures every project exceeds expectations, earning trust and loyalty.

Explore Our Products & Services.

Discover Sabaek Factory’s diverse range of precision-engineered steel products and expert fabrication services, designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

Cable Management Systems
Steel Support & Framing Systems
Block Work Accessories
Marble Fixation Systems
Aluminum Cladding Systems
Metal Decking Flooring Systems
Raised Access flooring Systems
Window Guards
Steel Gates, Doors & Boundary Wall
Handrail & Staircase
Garbage & Linen Chute
Alumimum Flashing & PROFILE
Steel Bollared & Post
Electrical Boxes & Control Panel
Clothes Donate Boxes, Lockers & Home Boxes
Innovative Steel Fabrication for Modern Needs .

Meeting modern industrial demands with innovative solutions in steel fabrication, ensuring precision, durability, and efficiency

Key Strategic

Core Strategic Initiatives

At Sabaek Factory, our key strategic focus centers on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, driving us to deliver superior steel fabrication solutions that meet the demands of a dynamic industrial landscape

Customer Experience

Our customer-centred approach generates the benefits of superior products, services and solutions


People with talent, ideas and energy, who take up the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs, are the key to our success.

Process Excellence

Process excellence drives business excellence. Sabaek’s vision is focused on continuous improvement in processes, quality and R&D.


We set ambitious goals to deliver what we promise. We understand our customers have a choice, and we have to continuously earn their trust through constant excellence. We always compete with integrity, with our values and ethical standards in order to win new business.

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