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Discover Sabaek Factory’s diverse range of precision-engineered steel products and expert fabrication services, designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

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At Sabaek Factory, we deliver top-quality, custom steel fabrication. Our dedication to excellence and innovation makes us a trusted partner.

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At Sabaek Factory, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of high-quality products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries. Our offerings include:

Cable Management Systems

Sabaek's Products & Services

Our robust cable management systems ensure efficient organization and protection of cables, enhancing the safety and functionality of your electrical installations.

Steel Support & Framing Systems

Sabaek's Products & Services

We provide durable steel support and framing systems, tailored to reinforce and stabilize your construction projects with precision and reliability.

Block Work Accessories

Sabaek's Products & Services

Our block work accessories are designed to complement masonry work, ensuring secure and efficient construction processes.

Marble Fixation Systems

Sabaek's Products & Services

Our marble fixation systems provide secure and elegant solutions for installing marble in various applications, ensuring stability and style.

Aluminum Cladding Systems

Sabaek's Products & Services

Enhance the aesthetics and durability of your buildings with our aluminum cladding systems, offering superior protection and modern design.

Metal Decking Flooring Systems

Sabaek's Products & Services

We offer metal decking flooring systems that provide strong, durable, and versatile flooring solutions for commercial and industrial spaces.

Raised Access flooring Systems

Sabaek's Products & Services

Our raised access flooring systems are ideal for creating flexible and efficient underfloor spaces for cables, pipes, and air distribution.

Window Guards

Sabaek's Products & Services

Ensure the safety and security of your premises with our custom-designed window guards, combining strength and aesthetic appeal.

Steel Gates, Doors & Boundary Wall

Sabaek's Products & Services

We manufacture sturdy and stylish steel gates, doors, and boundary walls to enhance the security and visual appeal of your property.

Handrail & Staircase

Sabaek's Products & Services

Our handrails and staircases are designed for both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring safe and attractive solutions for any building.

Garbage & Linen Chute

Sabaek's Products & Services

Streamline waste and linen management with our efficient and durable garbage and linen chutes, suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

Aluminum Flashing & Profiles

Sabaek's Products & Services

Protect your building’s exterior with our high-quality aluminum flashing and profiles, offering superior weather resistance and longevity.


Sabaek's Products & Services

Add elegance and shade to outdoor spaces with our custom-designed pergolas, crafted to enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscapes.

Steel Bollared & Post

Sabaek's Products & Services

We provide steel bollards and posts that offer security and traffic control solutions, designed to withstand impact and harsh conditions.

Electrical Boxes & Control Panel

Sabaek's Products & Services

Our electrical boxes and control panels are engineered for safety and reliability, ensuring efficient management of electrical systems.

Clothes Donate Boxes, Lockers & Home Boxes

Sabaek's Products & Services

Promote community engagement with our durable clothes donation boxes, and enhance organization with our versatile lockers and home boxes.

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